Professional Services

Empowering growth by enabling your organization. There is nothing more complex than payments and handling fraud. We come in and develop the strategy that fit your goals and needs. Get in touch to learn more about how we help you being successful.

Investment Advisory

We help investment firms make better decisions. Via our advisors we help you understand the true value of companies, their competitive edge, product offering, market share and customer base. Are companies overvalued or undervalued, are they worth an investment? We offer knowledge and expertise; you make better decisions.

Strategy Consultancy

A quick scan helps you understand validate business ideas, product offering and market fit. This can lead to the development of a go-to market strategy, strategy sessions and execution of several improvement initiatives by our team. Due to our subject matter experts, knowledge and payment experience we can help your business growth and excel in a rapid pace.


Knowing where to invest and why is a difficult task. Our dedicated team with expertise from for example Wirecard and Payvision will help your business make better investment decisions and understand on a detailed level the value of companies, their product offering, competitive edge and grow opportunity. Through a few consults we share our expertise and ideas based on tangible examples, analyzed business plans and in debt expertise. In addition, we also help with due diligence sessions and company screening sessions.